For Heart and Soul Blossoming

Soulution Essences combine the innate medicine of flowers, gem, sentient beings and the environment into a simple sun infused water based soulutions which support conscious daily living.

These Vibrational Remedies serve as an invaluable tool for bringing awareness and balance to our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

Each plant, animal, mineral & elements holds a special key.  Each has a special message or some advice to assist us in living fully connected and in accordance with our life purpose .

The essences are made with pure water from the land where I live in Costa Rica, from our own well, which links directly to the spring.  

The flowers sit in the water in direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours depending upon flower and guidance received from the plant spirit; they are then preserved with pure vegetable glycerine or Pure Cane Alcohol.  

Soulutions are created with the highest possible vibration of love and light with flowers, gems and sentient beings of Costa Rica.  The soul intent of these essences is to lovingly support us along our paths towards radical learning, loving and living our true life’s purpose.

In Joy,

Essences can be purchased by request