​​Thursday Mornings
9am -10am

This meditation is an invitation to open to your potential as a dynamic and vibrant being. In a Safe Space, we share this powerful method to start your day. During this hour long technique, we will go through 5 stages of breathing, releasing, grounding, silence and celebration. Through these steps, we begin to face and peel away layers, restoring balance to reveal the truth of who you really are. From this vibrant center point, you can begin to transform your daily life, bringing silence and celebration into any moment.

Please come fifteen minutes before dressed in comfortable clothing.

​Contribution to your Evolution $10

AWAKEN Wellness Fair

January 29th 10am-5pm

The AWAKEN Wellness Fairs educate people about the many paths to a healthy body, mind and spirit that are available in today's world.  We include ancient techniques as well as amazing cutting edge technologies.

I will be offering readings all day!  Please stop by and give yourself the gift of Wellness!

Gold BallroomBallroom 
Enter on West 33rd. St.
401 Seventh Avenue
​New York, NY 10001

Community Meditation

Every Tuesday


Join us every Tuesday evening to explore Meditation.

The source of our being lies in waiting for our recognition. Living in a city, we can gather dust upon us. As this accumulates we can forget how shiny/radiant we are and can be. Meditation clears away the dusts and polishes our being so that we may shine with all the brilliance, grace and strength that our spirit is accustomed to. 
Meditation cultivate awareness. Awareness is a tool of empowerment, once we become aware of something, this awareness gives us a choice. With this shift we move once step closer towards liberation, freedom. Each week we will explore a different meditation technique and have a space to share our experiences.

Contribution to your evolution: $10

A Day of Healing

January 20th 9:30am-7:30pm

​A Day of Unity and Healing - an all-day open-cowork + donation-based stress reduction sessions at MINKA brooklyn & the COMPOUND COWORK!

On the day of Presidential Inauguration, we are hosting our community to start this 4-year with Love, Unity & Resistance. Instead of sitting alone, come and stoke your inner fire collectively.

All-day donation based Open Cowork @ the COMPOUND COWORK

All-day donation based sessions at MINKA brooklyn

Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

11am - 4pm Ear Acupuncture, mini Reiki

Oracle Card Reading
Akashic Record Reading

10am - OSHO Dynamic Meditation
12pm - Empowerment Meditation
2pm - Guided Meditation
4pm - Silent Meditation

5pm - Mindful Movement with Corinne & Sabine
6pm - Breathwork with Anna & Jordan
7pm - Sharing Circle with Ashni

More programming TBA

RSVP on our FB event page here.

ALL EVENTS take place at:

MINKA Brooklyn 

1120 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11234

For questions, contact:  lovingseeds@gmail.com (917) 257-0969


​​ Meditation

 and other opportunities to nourish your heart &soul

Community Reiki

Monday Evenings


In Japanese REI means Universal Ki means Life Force. Reiki is a modality which generates universal life force energy.  It is a gentle hands on or off technique that assists in balancing our vital force energy. In the words of a brilliant woman, Vatsala Sperling, " Once our vital force is in balance, we are free to do what we are meant to do!"
Reiki brings all our systems into alignment easily gently and efficiently. This promotes deep relaxation and restoration to the mind, body, heart and soul.

Sunder Ashni is a Reiki Master utilizing the light force of crystals to further ground healing in EVERY Body.

Attuned in the line of OSHO Neo Reiki, she has shared the gift of Reiki in NY and in other blessed spots on this planet.

Give yourself the gift of Reiki.

Contribution to your Evolution:$25 w/ EBT card, Medicaid, or Medicare - $40 w/o