As a soul born to this Earth we have infinite opportunities.  And like any seed, we each carry a specific blueprint within our beings that seeks to sprout, blossom and grow into our own unique expression.  This is the focus of my practice as a Flower essence Practitioner, to support the individual in activating the blueprint of their soul.  To cultivate the ideal environment and nutrient to bring about optimal and healthy growth.  

Flower Essence Therapy uses alchemical remedies to treat various conditions of the soul.  Whether you are struggling with self confidence, anxiety, or any number of emotional or soul conditions,  Flower essence blends and therapy are customized to empower each individual to live a life they enjoy.

Light Language

Light Language is the understanding and use of sacred geometry and color to communicate and align ourselves with our soul mission and the divine plan. Stemming from Ancient Aztec and Mayan masters, light language empowers us to communicate with clarity and brilliance with ourselves and with the universe.  In the words of my teacher Starr Fuentes “The purpose of using Light Language is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept affect our reality.  The very building blocks are the energies of light and the form that we give them.”  At the root of all things is energy. 

This energy takes on form based upon  thoughts, ideas, action or perception. The sacred forms which are represented through Light Language are a clear and pure expression of many energetic concepts we seek to embody.

Light Language supports us as we shift in consciousness to a reality based upon mutual respect, harmony and unconditional love.

In Person and Online Sessions Available. 

Vibrational Remedies to support your heart and soul mission.

Flower essences brought into general knowledge through Dr. Edward Bach, are vitamins for the soul. In one way or another we are aware as Human Beings of the potent healing power of plants, flowers, stones and animals. Everything that exists has an electromagnetic emission that resonates at a certain frequency. Simply stated everything has energy, emits energy, now where and how that energy is focused changes depending on the substance.

Flowers hold within their structure the information regarding the process of evolution. In order for a flower (anything for that matter) to come into being there is a growth process that takes place. In the fresh bloom of a flower is contained succinct information regarding the process that it has gone through to reach its peak as a flower.

When we ingest flower essences or other vibrational remedies we take this information in. Absorbed into our blood and into our cells this information is dispersed throughout our entire system to support our continued growth and flowering.

There is a quote that says “Consider the lilies of the field…” These lilies that exists autonomously in nature have all they need in the air, water, sun and earth. We too as Human Beings have all we need for our optimal evolution, all our needs are met in nature. Flower essences and therapy are a potent tool for self-healing

Flower Essence Therapy

for Soul Blossoming

Transcendental Therapy


The word transcendence means “ to go beyond”  The aim of this modality is to support individuals in moving beyond ideas and concepts around being one’s true and authentic being.  Cultivating a deep awareness and trust so that we can stand in the brilliance of who we are right now.  

Transcendental Therapy includes intuitive counseling, flower essences and a variety of subtle healing modalities to support each individual in being fully equipped to live their best life regardless of any circumstance, here and now. 

In Person and Online Sessions Available.