Are you terrified of your feelings?
Is the statement “It’s okay to be me.” A part of your vocabulary?
Are you looking for a space to digest some of the seemingly indigestible parts of your life?

If these questions stood out to you at all or got your wheels turning I invite you to read on.

My name is Sunder Ashni, I am an intuitive counselor, Flower Essence Practitioner and Human just like you.  And like you I experience shame. Yup, I said there are times when I feel like crawling into myself and hiding away because I feel somehow there might be something inherently wrong with me.  You are not alone.  The truth is that most people experience shame on a regular basis.  But many don’t talk about it.  Most just stuff it down with many of the other unsavory emotions.

Well I really am out to create a shift around that.  I am looking for 9 wimmin who are willing to commit to 9 months of exploring and unlocking shame’s grip on their lives.  I am looking for courageous hearts.  I am looking for those who are ready to bring shame out of the shadows and take back their lives and their vitality.

Each Month you will:

  • Gather with 8 other wimmin for a live 2 and a half hour play shop exploring shame through a different lens.
  • Have a one on one counseling session with me to support you in your process.
  • Complete exercise around our monthly topic

In addition to the listings above, you will

  • Receive a custom blended Flower essence to support your soul process,
  • Have access to private group chat for additional reflection and support.

This 9-month intensive is a process of rebirthing ourselves.  My intention is that all participants will go from lies shadowed by shame to living lives that we enjoy living!  I purposely am selecting only 9 wimmin to participate and create a sacred container in which we can safely look and explore shame.  This is tender work! And it is imperative all participants commit to the completion of the 9-month process.   I would like to share with you a definition of shame from the work of researcher Brene Brown, “Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.  Shame is something we all experience.  And while it feels as if shame hides I our darkest corners it actually tends to lurk in all of the familiar places.”

During this intensive we will locate where and how shame lives in our world. We will explore how recognizing shame can open up channels of acceptance and gratitude for ourselves, our families, our friends and the amazing world we live in.  We will fine-tune the skills of:

  • Shame Recognition- learning to identify where and how shame sows up for us. How we shame ourselves, and how we shame others.
  • Shame Resilience: Learning techniques for dealing with shame and learning how to respond.

9 Month's Women's Intensive

  • Acceptance: learning to treat ourselves kindly and accept our humanness.
  • Gratitude: Exploring gratitude and developing practices of appreciation for our life and our up for us. How we shame ourselves, and how we shame others.