The meaning of the word Shiatsu is “finger pressure.” The word describes a form of healing therapy based on oriental philosophy that uses gentle and supportive touch along energy channels (meridians) and points (Tsubo) through the whole body. 

The Shiatsu touch has varied therapeutic characteristic qualities:
It influences the muscles, awakens the Qi & blood movement in the body and it nourishes, cleanses, and keeps the body flexible. It influences the bones, the range of motion of the joints and circulation. It also helps to awaken and relax the nervous system according to the needs. This wide range of healing influences allows an inter connection/meeting of our inner and outer.

Zen Shiatsu is a later development of the classic Shiatsu. Master Masunaga created and developed this style which is based on the connection of the Shiatsu Healing Art and Zen Buddhism.

In Person Sessions Available. 

Zen Shiatsu