Flower Essence Therapy

For Heart and Soul Blossoming

As a soul born to this Earth we have infinite opportunities.  And, like any seed, we each carry a specific blueprint within our beings that seeks to sprout, blossom and grow into our own unique expression.  This is the focus of my practice as a Flower Essence Practitioner, to support the individual in activating the blueprint of their soul.  To cultivate the ideal environment and nutrient to bring about optimal and healthy growth. 

Flower Essence Therapy uses vibrational remedies to treat various conditions of the soul. Vibrational Remedies, such as flower essences, are an invaluable tool for bringing awareness and balance to our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.  Supporting anything from minor stress to extreme anxiety, each session intends to raise awareness and develop the capacity to be alive and at peace with life.

Soulutions Cusstomized Formulas blend the essences of flowers, gem, sentient beings and environment into a simple sun infused water based soulutions which support conscious daily living.