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Browse a selection of Sunder Ashni’s writings and interveiws below.


Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast - Episode 107

Tune in and spend some quality time with Sunder Ashni and Natalie Ross as they expand upon shifting alignment, multifaced suffering and the power of names, along with so much more on this episode of Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast. Dream Freedom Beauty was created to help each one of us recognize the divine worthiness within ourselves.

Sunder Ashni Blog

Read Sunder Ashni’s written offerings, a compilation of the last few years of inspiration and lessons on everything Soul Blossoming and healing - topics wide and far reaching, spanning from Love letters to Emergence, Astrological movements and Prayer. See the blog here.

Self Care Club Podcast - Episode 40

Sunder Ashni dives into her own personal stories on her healing and self care journey, and how that lead her to find a deeper and more intimate relationship to herself and the world around her. Also on this episode is overcoming obstacles to self care, her own tips and tricks to making self care enjoyable and truly possible. Come on a beautiful, imaginative and meandering journey of a conversation between Sunder Ashni and host Natalie Ross. Listen here.

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Join Sunder Ashni and host Luna Love as they invite you to allow the petals of your being to gently unfurl revealing each of our unique essences, so we can share the gifts we have come to give. Audio of the Podcast here.


March 2019 Love Note

A guided meditation to invite awareness gratitude and love into this moment. Music by Mujo Nature Chill & Brian Eno- Stars Remastered 2005