One of Sunder Ashni’s areas of expertise is in the subtle healing art of meditation. There are diverse of styles of meditation techniques which set the ground for presence. It is helpful to remain open and curious, approaching meditation with a playful and devoted heart.. Take your time, smile and breathe as you browse the offerings below.

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OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation

This meditation is an invitation to open to your potential as a dynamic and vibrant being. In a Safe Space, we share this powerful method to start your day. OSHO Chakra Breathing is an active meditation technique, that uses the power of breath and musical sounds to activate and energize the chakras, or energy centers of the body.

Takes place Every Thursday at MINKA 8:45 AM


OSHO Dynamic Meditation

In a Brave Space we share this powerful method to start your day. During this hour long technique we use breath and body to release tension, stress and repressed emotions.  This technique brings you back to your life energy by going through different blocks, that we call layers.  Each layer that we face and peel away in this process starts to reveal the truth of who you really are. From this point you can begin to transform your daily life, bringing silence and celebration into any moment.   

February 9th at MINKA at 8:45 AM


OSHO Kundalini Meditaiton

Shake, Dance, Watch and Witness in the celebration that is your life!  Kundalini Meditation is an hour long technique that gently shakes you free of subtle tensions in the body, leaving you refreshed and energized.  Come out and celebrate yourself!

Tuesday January 8th at MINKA 7:30pm